Peach Cider Tea

By. Monica A. (Social Media Intern)

Our official Peach season may be pretty much over, and the end of our season may have approached a lot quicker than expected. But we still have plenty of peach cider in stock to get our peach fix! This delicious house made peach cider made with peaches from our orchard, has been a popular hit to quench your thirst in this Texas heat. Fredericksburg has become known for its delicious peaches, and since we didn’t have the adequate weather this year to have a “normal season” we must improvise and enjoy of what we still have, (at least for now).

 As a kid, I remember peaches were the best part of the summer and once we saw the flowers bloom in spring it meant summer was just around the corner. One of the best memories I have is biting into a fresh juicy peach in the summer heat, tasting the sweetness as the juice dripped down my face. So, as we eagerly wait for our next season to approach, I’ll share with you some of my favorite ways to enjoy our Peach Cider and a quick and easy recipe for a Texas favorite, Peach Tea.

Drink the Peach Cider chilled or serve over ice to sit and enjoy outdoors on a hot summer day. Or you can add a twist of your own and mix the peach cider with some bourbon or vodka of your choice to get an extra kick. Peach cider is also a perfect after school treat for the kids to enjoy, you can even water it down a bit to try to avoid the sugar rush. As fall slowly approaches and the holidays will be here sooner than we know it, you can serve the cider warm and enjoy it next to the fireplace. Personally, I love tea whether it is herbal tea, green tea, or black tea, or just plain iced tea. Sweet tea is a big hit in south Texas and with Peaches being another big hit in the Hill Country. Why not mix the two and get a mix of two of our favorite things?

(Makes 2 quarts)
Lipton Ready to brew black tea (2 pouches)
Das Peach Haus Peach Cider 64oz jug
1 quart of water, to boil
Ice cubes, to serve
Sugar (optional)


First bring the water to boil and add the pouches of black tea. You can adjust the amount of water as you desire. Once at boiling point let it simmer for a few minutes and remove from heat to let stand to cool. Next pour one quart of Peach cider into a pitcher and mix in with the tea once cooled, add sugar to taste if desired. Serve over ice.

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