Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, in conjunction with its Culinary Adventure Cooking School in the Texas Hill Country, is launching a new initiative called Cooking for a Cause that donates 100% of the proceeds to worthy local and regional charities, company President/CEO Case D. Fischer announced.

Created to serve the community by supporting the year-round hard work of organizations and individual volunteers, the program began this month with a dinner class benefiting the Christian Women’s Job Corps. The Fredericksburg-based nonprofit focuses on providing women with the skills and resources needed to find satisfying employment in the modern economy.

“Mark Wieser and I feel so fortunate to be able to operate our business in this wonderful community where we were both born and raised,” said Case D. Fischer CEO. “Fredericksburg has always been a place of community involvement – all of the wonderful things that we have here have been built on a very strong base of community support. It has always been our pleasure to give back, wherever we have been able, to the many worthwhile organizations here. Now with the development of the Cooking for a Cause program, we have a new and fun way to help ‘move the needle’ for many of the small non-profits in town.”

Quarterly, the program hosts full-meal cooking classes with wine at the cooking school for groups whose applications are approved by Fischer & Wieser. The evenings are a valuable chance for officers in each charity to spend time with donors and volunteers, reinforcing their mission and their message along with giving updates on new programs, finances and other important information – all while enjoying a fun and entertaining evening.

Once approved and scheduled, the charity works directly with the school’s chef-instructors to select an appropriate menu. Classes range in size from a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 30, and as all money is donated to the charity, there is some flexibility on the event’s price per person, making it accessible to a wide variety of groups doing good work for the community.

Typically, a dinner class would include a four-course meal with some cooking demonstration in front of the group and, if desired, even some light-hearted hands-on participation. Attendees will be given a complete packet of kitchen-tested recipes to encourage later preparation at home. White and red wine will be poured throughout the evening.

Beneficiaries of the recent Christian Women’s Job Corps class gave speeches and wrote thank you letters after completing the 10 week program explaining what the program has meant to them.  One woman wrote, “Since I have started this course I have more confidence in myself, have reawakened the use of my brain, and I have learned so much.” Another, describing herself as “the luckiest Cambodian woman,” thanked the Job Corps “for the opportunity that you have given me to learn and start a life of hope.”

“The cooking class was loads of fun, and the dinner that resulted was awesome”, said Linda Simonsen, Chair of the CWJC. “Fischer & Wieser’s Cooking for a Cause program is a great opportunity for all non-profit groups looking for new and creative ways to raise funds. The class allowed us to gather with others who also support CWJC in a fun, comfortable and relaxed setting, and partner with a company that is looking for ways to give back to the community.”

All nonprofits and other charitable organization may begin the simple application process for Fischer & Wieser’s Cooking for a Cause by phoning or emailing Nicole Whorton, Marketing Coordinator. Her contact information is 830-990-8021 and  

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